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Foot Care

Why is foot care important?

Why is foot care important?

Our feet and lower limbs play an important role in our every day life. They support our weight and enable us to manoeuvre about during our daily activities. Although used throughout the day, when it comes to health care they are easily forgotten. Time for a regular routine check-up should be made in our busy lives as with other areas of the body more commonly considered.

It is important to get our feet checked regularly. It goes without saying that walking and running is much more comfortable when our feet are healthy. Whatever level of exercise we do, having a problem with our feet can limit us and so have a knock-on effect with our general well-being.

For those suffering from conditions such as diabetes or circulatory illness, it is crucial that their feet are examined more often. This helps to identify problems caused by poor circulation early on. It also avoids permanent damage to the nerves of the lower limbs.

Foot Massage
Can we help?


Can we help?

Things we can help with include:


Nail Treatments:

Toenail Trimming, Cutting, Shaping

Ingrown Nails

Thickened/Discoloured Nails

Fungal Nail Infection

Nail Damaged by Trauma

Foot & Skin Care:

Callus (Hard Skin) Reduction

Soft or Hard Corns removal

Cracked Heels


Athlete's Foot Treatment

Diabetic foot care

Foot Massage

What to expect


To start, you will have a full initial assessment by our foot health practitioner (FHP). During this session we will also talk about your needs and the goals you want to achieve. A foot check-up will assess the condition of your feet. 

Once you have been assessed, we can offer expert advice and support to meet your personal needs. A one off visit may be all that is required for a particular ailment or we can offer regular appointments for persisting or chronic problems. 

Before and after any treatment, all patient’s feet are cleansed with antiseptic. If attending a routine appointment, we would do a foot health check and offer advice. Toenails would be burred and trimmed, corns would be removed and calluses reduced. If further treatment is required this would be charged for separately. If time allows, to finish, we will give you a gentle relaxing foot massage using hydrating and moisturising foot cream. At this point, you will be advised of the next steps to take, including preventative measures. Further treatments such as reflexology may be recommended depending on your needs.

What to expect
Our prices

Our Foot Care Prices

Initial Consultation + Treatment


Follow-up Appointments


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