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Silvia Ferreira Ac, MAA, RBAF
Chinese Acupuncturist + Shiatsu Massage Therapist


Silvia’s first academic achievement was a Physical Education degree, and then, about 20 years ago she discovered Chinese Medicine and it was like love at first site. Since then, she has been dedicated to developing and improving her skills in the field to deliver the best for the patient. Technical expertise and tender loving care allow Silvia to provide the best possible experience in the process of healing and maintaining health.

She was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she kept a private practice and has taught acupuncture for 18 years. Then, moved to Lisbon where she lived for 2 years until nowadays, when Bournemouth has become home.


Over these 20 years, she has continually refined her knowledge in China, France, and Spain, addressing several areas including dermatology, gynecology & obstetrics, and pain management, by Traditional Acupuncture, Channel & Collateral acupuncture, Japanese Moxibustion and Therapeutic Massage.


You'll find Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Shiatsu Massage, Anma, Swedish and Lymphatic Drainage (for post-surgical and pregnancy as well) in her private practice.

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