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Tanya Lavery
Hypnotherapist + Wellbeing Coach
 (Balance in Mind)
Dip Hyp. Bsya.M. (Remedial Massage), S.A.C. Dip (Gestalt Therapy) CS. S.A.C. Dip Advanced Diploma (CBT), S.A.C. Dip (Advanced Psychotherapy)


Tanya has a background of 25 years in the care Industry working with, children, adults and elderly clients.


Having practiced as a mobile massage therapist for the past 12 years and Practicing as a Hypnotherapist for the past 9 years, Tanya decided to dedicate more time to study, gaining advanced diplomas in Psychotherapy and CBT and launching Balance in Mind in 2020.


Tanya uses this unique combination of experience and skill to guide you through the challenges of learning new ways to look after your well-being.


Using a range of techniques, balance in mind aims to guide you to reconnect to your own innate resources, to build resilience and a better understanding of how to deal with challenges such as:

  • Maintaining healthy body habits to aid healthy weight

  • Confidence building for work and life

  • Finding a flow in your creativity. 

  • Overcoming troublesome phobias and much more.


Expect the unexpected when you decide to take that amazing step of looking after your own well being.

Tanya has a person centred approach as no two people are the same, no two therapy sessions are the same either.


You are supported to find your unique abilities and to work with them to find a better feeling and create new opportunities for yourself.


Balance in mind provides a free phone or zoom/skype consultation

  • 1:1 Therapy sessions

  • 1:1 workshops

  • Group workshops

  • Zoom therapy sessions

  • Zoom Workshops

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