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Gabriela Morris
Person-centred Psychotherapist (BACP Member)


Gabriela Morris is a licensed person-centred psychotherapist, offering face to face therapy at the clinic, as well as, walk and talk therapy, or eco therapy as well as online counselling.

Many clients come to Gabriela in a state of distress or a confusion about the direction their life has taken. She provides trusted, non-judgemental services for people who are the part of LGBTQIA+ community.

You may have experienced the loss of a loved one or your own identity along the way. Gabriela can offer a safe space for you, where you can explore the healthier way of coping for you.

Together, you can identify what keeps you stuck in a loop of self-sabotage and how to find a way out, by gaining more awareness. 

Gabriela's aim is to create an open, non-judgemental and self-healing environment using a person-centred approach. As a client, you will take a lead and choose the direction, but she will help you clarify things and invite different perspectives while identifying where the resistance lies for you.

You may begin to understand yourself more and, in time, make positive changes, start setting healthy boundaries and improve your relationships.

You may have a negative view of yourself or a negative body image, and with Gabriela's help you can explore where your belief comes from and how to start altering your negative perception.

By talking and exploring the way you view yourself, you may start to understand who you truly are and expand your potential while working on your self-worth.

Gabriela understands how sexual abuse, abusive and unhealthy relationships can affect your life and the way you view yourself. If you have recently or a while ago lost someone and are still struggling with grief I will be here while you work through all the stages of grief and loss, helping to gently guide you towards acceptance.

She is widely experienced in dealing with PMDD and promoting body positivity and intuitive eating. If you suffer from a negative body image, emotional eating, binge eating, I can help you explore your unhealthy habits and work towards breaking the cycle.

While exploring the patterns of behaviour and identify what emotions drive the negative habits, you can find healthier solutions and challenge the patterns that no longer serve you.

Her aim is to make you feel heard, while empowering you to adopt healthier coping skills.

Gabriela is a registered member of BACP and work within their ethical framework.


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