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Don’t Just Put Up With Pain

Updated: May 9, 2022

If a pain isn’t easing after a few days, chances are that it won’t just go away by itself.⁠

When determining how long a problem might take to get better with treatment, one of the key factors is duration of pain. Acute problems are those that have been there less than six weeks, subacute problems are those that have been there 6-12 weeks and chronic problems are those that have been around 12+ weeks.⁠

Acute problems tend to respond to treatment much faster than chronic problems. This is because your nervous system will adapt to pain after a certain amount of time and issues such as hypersensitivity to ordinarily non-painful stimuli may occur.⁠

When treating chronic issues there are also generally a lot of compensations that occur as that individual has adapted their posture to lessen their pain.⁠

We offer free 15-minute consultations, with no obligations, so we can give you an idea of what the problem is and how long it may take to get better.⁠ Give us a call on 01202 422000 to book.

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