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Tension Headaches

Updated: May 9, 2022

Do you suffer with tension headaches/migraines?

Did you know that these can be caused by problems with the neck?

As practitioners, we refer to these types of headaches as cervicogenic headaches. They can be caused by problems such as poor posture, trigger points in the muscles around the neck, irritated joints or nerves in the neck and wear and tear.

We will diagnose these types of headache based upon taking a thorough case history, examination and a series of special tests. Often with cervicogenic headaches, when pressure is applied to the problematic points in the neck, it will generate/worsen the headache sensation until it is loosened up.

Treatment techniques we may use, depending on the source of the problem and which practitioner you see, are:

- Soft tissues techniques (working on the muscles the relieve tightness and specific trigger points)

- Mobilisations (gently moving the joints)

- Acupuncture/dry needling

- Manipulation

- Exercises

As well as many other techniques

We often see patients who have been struggling for long periods of time as they aren’t aware their headaches have been caused by neck problems.

If you would like to find out whether we can help you, why not book in a free 15 minute consultation? We can assess you to see whether your issues are coming from the neck or advise you on the next best steps if not.

Quote the code ‘Tension20’ to get 20% off your first treatment. T&Cs apply.

Call us on 01202 422000 to book.

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