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Dr Tanya Campels DC
BSc(HumBiol) BSc(ChiroSc) BSc(ClinSc) GradDip (ExRehab) GradDip (French) CBA(CIMA)

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Dr Tanya Campels DC is a registered chiropractor. She qualified with a double degree: Bachelor of Chiropractic Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (now RMIT University) in 2000. Before this, Tanya also gained her Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology degree, in 1995 and a Graduate Diploma in Exercise for Rehabilitation in 1998.

 Tanya adopts a patient-centred approach to care and is experienced in not only chiropractic but also massage and rehabilitation. This means that she can provide deep tissue massage with mobilisation sessions to release muscular tension as well as chiropractic rehabilitation sessions to help patients retrain their muscles, so that previous issues do not come back.

She is very experienced in treating sports-related complaints, having previously worked as a personal trainer for 6 years and also also has experience treating skiers in the French Alps as well as professional football players. However, her skills are not limited to this and Tanya really enjoys treating people from all walks of life, including children and the elderly.

If you would like to book an appointment with Tanya, please click on one of the links below.

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