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Trudy Darien
Acacia Consultancy - Psychodynamic Therapist (BPC Registered)


Trudy Darien, the distinguished consultant, and founder of Acacia Consultancy is a renowned Organisational Psychotherapist accredited by APPCIOS. With a career spanning over 25 years in the care profession, Trudy has honed her expertise in working with looked after children and young people. Her dedication is exemplified by her registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) under number 25223.

In her private practice, Trudy serves as a Psychodynamic Therapist, offering individual therapy to adults seeking support and healing. Drawing from her extensive experience, she creates a therapeutic environment that fosters understanding and addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals dealing with trauma, identity issues, and attachment difficulties.

Trudy's commitment extends beyond her private practice, where she has played pivotal roles in managing and establishing children's homes. Additionally, she has designed an accredited Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Childcare Course, reflecting her passion for equipping professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive impact.

Her current role as a Consultant and Trainer for foster agencies, local authorities, and children's homes underscores Trudy's dedication to sharing her expertise and contributing to the broader field of mental health and well-being.


 In her private work, she remains focused on providing empathetic and effective psychodynamic therapy to those seeking personal growth and healing.

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a ‘talking therapy’ where you and a therapist work together to increase awareness of your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviours.

Starting therapy can be daunting but is an important step towards making meaningful changes to your life. Sometimes we find ourselves in emotional difficulty, when life can feel overwhelming, or our feelings become too difficult to manage on our own.

It can feel daunting but making time for ourselves and creating space in our lives for thought and reflection is a powerful act of self-care.

As a psychodynamic therapist an important part of the work is my knowledge and understanding of how our past/early life experiences may have an impact on our life in the present, perhaps making us feel angry, depressed, or even stuck. 

We would work together to bring into awareness the unique patterns of your life that might be the trigger. Most people who seek psychotherapy do not have a formal diagnosis; they come because they are struggling with what’s going on in their life and/or what’s going on in their mind, and they are looking for change.

My specialist areas are early life trauma and relational difficulties. With these experiences we might have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown, and at times, harmful habits, or behaviours. My focus will be to help you understand what function they have served for you. 

I work either in person or online and offer a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space. Empathy, trust, and respect is central to my practice and my approach is of warmth and understanding.


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