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An Osteopath in Poole You Can Trust

Offering a friendly, professional and holistic approach to your care

If you’re looking for an osteopath in Poole that you can trust to take care of you, you’ve come to the right place. At SoCo Therapies, we offer a range of effective treatments tailored to your individual needs. 


Our highly skilled and experienced osteopaths are familiar with a broad spectrum of conditions and symptoms. From nagging back pain and stiff joints to frequent headaches and sciatica, our osteopathic treatments are designed to alleviate symptoms and help you to live life to the full. 


Every day, we welcome people from all walks of life into our Bournemouth clinic. Whether you’ve been in pain for as long as you can remember, or you have a sports injury, we can help. Unlike other osteopathy clinics that just focus on the physical, we offer a holistic approach that targets both body and mind. When the two function well in harmony, you’ll feel so much better. 

We’d be delighted to tell you more about our osteopathy treatments in Poole. Call our team today at 01202 422 000 or send us an email at

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Why would you see an osteopath?

If you have pain that won’t go away, an osteopath in Poole may be the best solution for you. You might be in constant pain or you might have pain that comes and goes or when you move in a particular way. If you feel that something isn’t quite right, our osteopathic team is here to listen to your concerns and find the right treatment. 

At SoCo Therapies, our osteopaths use a hands-on approach when it comes to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. We use our skills to treat an array of musculoskeletal conditions, including those that relate to your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.


We’re proud of the results we achieve from our osteopathy treatments and would love to show you what we can do to alleviate your pain. 

What is Osteopathy?

When Andrew Taylor Still, an American physician and surgeon, noticed irregularities and risks connected to conventional medicine during the late 1800s, he started to look into alternative therapies. His view was that the body has the natural ability to recover from ill health when it is functioning effectively as a whole. Osteopathy was born and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Osteopaths today prevent, diagnose, and treat a broad range of health issues using a combination of therapy, advice, and exercise. The aim is to promote the best health possible for the patient using treatments tailored to their individual needs. 


Our Process

From the moment you start your treatment with us, you’ll be in safe and experienced hands. During your first session, we’ll get to know you and ask you questions about your health and what brings you to our clinic.


All information you share with us will be treated with the strictest confidence. 


Before we start any treatment, we’ll ask you to attend an initial consultation. From here, we’ll build a clear picture of what conditions you are experiencing and recommend the best approach.


We want you to be comfortable and confident in our services and to know exactly what treatment and results to expect. 



During your first examination, your osteopath may request that you undress to your underwear (not all examinations will require this and we can often work around you if you would rather stay dressed).


If your osteopath needs to assess your joints, you may be asked to perform a series of movements or a particular movement. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to perform any action that causes you severe discomfort or pain. 

Following this part of the assessment, your osteopath may manually move you and perform a series of tests to assess your condition further. You will also receive treatment at this first session. 

Ongoing treatment

Every person is different and so it makes sense that every treatment plan is different, too. Your osteopath may recommend one of the following treatments or a combination:

  • Mobilisations (gentle movement of the joints)

  • Soft tissue techniques (similar to stretching or massage)

  • Dry needling (a Western form of acupuncture)

  • Manipulations (these are small, quick movements of the joints designed to dispel gas from the joint)

  • Your treatment will be assessed and reviewed periodically to ensure it is giving you the best results.

What our Clients say

We are proud to be rated as one of the best osteopaths in Bournemouth and Poole. All our clients leave our clinic more than satisfied with their experience; see some of the reviews from our patients. 




How long are appointments?

A typical first appointment is about 40 minutes long, though we allow an hour, allowing time for case history, examination and some treatment. Follow-ups are usually 20-30 minutes.


On occasion, we may wish to book longer appointments, we will discuss this with you at the time of booking. We also offer free, 15-minute consultations to discuss the suitability of treatment initially.

​How much does treatment cost?

  • Initial Consultation + Treatment is £75​

  • Follow-up Appointments are £50

What other treatments do you offer?

What are the risks of osteopathy?

Osteopathy is generally considered a very safe practice, due to its holistic approach. However, as with any treatment that involves the manipulation of the body, there can often be side effects such as headaches, mild-moderate pain and soreness, and fatigue. These side effects are common and will subside within 1-2 days.

Do you have to take your clothes off for osteopath?

We will often ask patients to undress to their underwear when they come in for treatment, to be able to do a full assessment. However, we understand that some patients will be uncomfortable with this.


Each of our clinical rooms has a curtained changing area for privacy and we can offer towels where necessary. If you would prefer to wear a strappy top or sports bra (preferable one that undoes at the back) or even be treated fully clothed, we can work our way around this.

How quickly does osteopathy work?

Most patients will feel at least some improvement after the first osteopathic session, although this varies from patient to patient and it depends on the severity of your injury. As each case is different, we are unable to give you a definitive answer until you see us in person. 

How do I prepare for an osteopath appointment?

To prepare for your osteopath appointment you should turn up wearing loose, comfortable clothing that allows the osteopath to easily access the areas of your body they will be working on. Additionally, you should be prepared to answer a range of different questions such as your injury history and any areas of pain or discomfort you are experiencing. Your osteopath will also ask you questions about your lifestyle, such as your diet, exercise routine, and stress levels. If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment, feel free to ask the osteopath during your visit.

Do you treat under 18s?

Yes, we do. Osteopathy is suitable for any age but for appointments for young children, please call us to discuss this beforehand.


Why choose SoCo Therapies?

Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, SoCo therapies provides patients with a wide selection of treatments, including osteopathy, sports therapy, massage, acupuncture, foot care, counseling, and hypnotherapy.
We’re dedicated to providing effective solutions to our patients that not only treat pain and injury but which also help to promote overall wellness. 

We’ll take care of you every step of the way, learning what is wrong, and recommending a course of treatment that gets results. We don’t believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all approaches.
What you get is personalised treatments from highly-trained osteopaths with one goal in mind — the best health and wellness for every patient. 

Which conditions can we treat?

As a leading osteopath in Bournemouth, we provide our patients with peace of mind and a wide selection of treatments and techniques, all designed to treat the whole person, not just the condition. 


Our osteopathic treatments can help with a broad spectrum of conditions, including:

  • Neck pain

  • Headaches

  • Shoulder problems

  • Sciatica

  • Tennis elbow

  • Lower back pain

  • Arthritic pain

  • Trapped nerves

  • Many more…

Book Your First Osteopathy Appointment Today 

If you’re looking for freedom from pain and an osteopath in Poole that really has your health and wellness at heart, speak to the team at SoCo Therapies.


Call us today at 01202 422 000 or send us an email at  

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